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Статистика раздачи
The Foundry MODO 10.2v1 Build 126693 + Content [En] - Версия программы: 10.2v1 Build 126693
Официальный сайт: ссылка
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Лечение: в комплекте
Тип лекарства: другое
Системные требования:
ОС: Windows 7, Windows 8 или Windows 10 (64-bit только)
Процессор: Intel i3 или лучше
Размер на диске: 10GB для полной установки контента
Оперативная память: минимум 4GB
Видеокарта: The Advanced viewport mode требует NVIDIA or AMD с 512MB видеопамяти и поддержкой OpenGL 3.2 или новее.
MODO является полным решением для исследования дизайна, создания контента для игр, анимации персонажей и производства высококачественных рекламных изображений. Созданный для художественных рабочих процессов MODO возвращает легкое создание цифрового контента и дизайна. Художники и дизайнеры могут свободно исследовать и сосредоточиться на творческих усилиях, которые максимизируют качество продукции за меньшее время.

Основные возможности:

Engineered for speed and creativity, and featuring award-winning MeshFusion Boolean tools, MODO’s flexible modeling toolset is ideal for both freeform organic models and precision final production meshes.
UV workflows
MODO's industry-leading UV tools are tightly integrated with modeling and sculpting functions, offering a powerful workflow for creating and editing both regular and multi-tiled UDIM UVs.
Bring your artistic expression to 3D modeling as you use MODO's intuitive, fully integrated brush-based sculpting tools to quickly rough out volumes and add multiple levels of fine detail.
Create detailed textures directly on your 3D model with MODO's extensive range of integrated paint tools that include pressure-sensitive brushes, image-based stencils, masking and curve snapping.
MODO’s production-proven physically-based renderer offers a rare blend of speed and quality to create stunning, photorealistic imagery that challenges the industry's best. Unlimited network rendering is included.
Review your textures as you bake, and watch them refine progressively; tweak settings and make surface changes without waiting for a final render; store bake-related parameters for reuse with different assets.
Featuring a nondestructive, nonlinear toolset and fully integrated modular workflow, MODO's flexible node-based rigging system lets you easily create, edit, manage and reuse complex character rigs.
Incorporating traditional animation techniques applied in innovative ways, MODO's animation framework is highly customizable to meet the most demanding of production challenges.
MODO's rule-based, directable particles work together with the fully integrated rigid and soft bodies and procedural shattering to let you create compelling dynamic simulations in less time.
Hair and fur
MODO lets you create and manipulate realistic hair, fur, grass, feathers and other fibre-based effects as actual geometry that can be sculpted, shaded and rendered directly in your scene.
Camera and projection tools
MODO’s advanced tools for virtual camera creation and digital matte painting are perfect for set extensions and product placement shots, while the spherical camera rig lets you work with 360° video.
With MODO's flexible and efficient preset system, you can save selected parts of processes or content for reuse elsewhere, or for sharing useful techniques or approved assets with other team members.
Collaboration and customization
With extensive file format support, asset-sharing workflows and complete customizability, MODO offers production teams the combination of effective collaboration and individual efficiency they require.

Нововведения в этой версии:

Deformer Caching
The output of mesh operations and deformers can now be cached when animating a scene. When frames are cached, performance is limited mostly by GPU drawing performance. The Cache Deformers options greatly improve playback speed, at the expense of using more memory.
Direct Modeling
Curve Tool Improvements
The following improvements have been made to the Curve and Bezier tools:
• Auto Curve Edit - When selecting a curve, the corresponding curve editing tool now automatically activates, allowing you to immediately start editing the curve.
• Zero-weight Bezier Tangents - You can create sharp corners on Bezier curves by clicking in the viewport (as opposed to clicking and dragging to create a smooth control point).
• Round Corner Tool - While editing Bezier curves, sharp corners now have a widget you can drag to add a rounded corner.
• Bezier Tool: Preserve Broken Tangents by Default - You can edit the tangent handles of a Bezier curve's control point independently.
• Close Curve by Clicking on First Control Point - Right-clicking on the first control point while creating a new curve closes it into a loop.
File I/O
Redirecting Content
The content location can now be controlled by the config system, making it easier to change where the content is located. You can set this in Preferences > Defaults > Application > Content Location.
Compound Trim Viewport UI
The Schematic-free system utilizes Compound Trims. They are simple assemblies created and destroyed on the fly as you add Trim geometry consisting of multiple meshes.
Deferred Updates
The Fusion item now has a Deferred Updates checkbox. When enabled, the Fusion item doesn't update to reflect changes to the input geometry until you release the mouse button. This allows you to edit very complex setups with reasonable performance.
Fusion Legacy Model Conversion
Previous Fusion models (Schematic or Item List structure used for 3D-Tree Fusions) can be converted to the new Flat Schematic Tree used by the Schematic-free system. Legacy Fusion models still load and display properly, conversion is only required for further editing.
Source Mesh N-gon Support
MeshFusion now supports n-gons in source meshes.
Support Standard Transforms of Fusion Item
You can now use the standard Modo transforms to move, rotate, and scale your Fusion Item.
Fusion Tab
MeshFusion's toolbar has been updated with new functionality. Additionally, drag-and-drop functionality has been added.
Wireframe Drawing of MeshFusion Input Items
MeshFusion input items are now drawn in wireframe mode. This improves clarity in the viewport, and means MeshFusion no longer creates or requires custom shaders or groups.
Procedural Modeling
Assembly Aliases
Assemblies can be collapsed into a single Assembly Alias item. This allows more technical artists to create assemblies that are easier to use for others and makes the scene appear tidier.
Duplicating Geometry
The following procedural mesh operations have been added to Modo:
• Array
• Clone
• Mirror
• Radial Array
• Radial Sweep
• Scatter Clone
• Symmetrize
Slice Tools
The following procedural mesh operations have been added to Modo:
• Axis Drill
• Axis Slice
• Boolean
• Slice
• Solid Drill
Surface Support for Merge Meshes
The Merge Meshes operation has been extended to accept any item with geometry in it, including MeshFusion items, procedural items, such as the Gear and Rock items, VDBVoxel meshes, the output from Fabric canvas graphs, and so on.
Selection Modifiers
The following procedural selection modifiers have been added to modify existing selections:
• Boundary Edges - Converts a polygonal selection into an edge selection by using the boundary of the polygon selection to determine the edges to select.
• Grow/Shrink - Grows and shrinks the selection.
• Invert - Inverts selection operations.
In addition, selections have blend modes that specify how multiple selections are combined.
Mesh Lights
A new light type - Mesh Light - has been added. This new light type allows you to choose a single mesh item in the scene and use it as the shape of the light.
Sampling Settings
Reflection, refraction, and subsurface scattering (SSS) sample settings have been moved from the individual materials to a global control on the Render item. If the global setting is 0, the local control on the materials is still used. Additionally, there is a quality multiplier on the individual materials if you want to have different quality levels on different materials.
Preview Lock
A new Lock button has been added to the Preview window. When enabled, it completely locks Modo, preventing you from accidentally restarting preview. Secondly, it overrides all the quality settings to make sure that everything is set up correctly for final frame rendering.
This makes it much easier to use preview for final frame rendering for stills.
Rounded Edges
Two new properties have been added to the Material item properties:
• Rounded Edge Width - A new Shader Tree effect that allows the widths of rounded edges to be controlled by image maps, procedural textures, or gradients. The value of a texture using this effect acts as a multiplier on the edge width specified in the material properties.
• Rounded Edge Angle - A new material channel that controls which edges should appear rounded based on how sharp they are. An edge appears rounded if the surface normals of the adjoining polygons vary by more than the Rounded Edge Angle setting. The default value is 40 degrees, same as the default Smoothing Angle. Lowering the setting to 0 causes all edges to appear rounded.
Simpler Controls in Render Window
The Image Processing and Compare, Region, and Options tabs in the Render Window have been tidied up and simplified.
Automatic Retopology
A new command has been added that generates new mesh items from the selected items. The new mesh is produced according to an automatic retopology algorithm that aims to output a clean mesh with good topology at a density you specify. The density can be controlled by Weight Maps or by the input density and the mesh flow can be controlled by edge selection sets or by sketching guide curves on the surface. For more information about sketching guide curves, see Retopo Guides.
The automatic retopology implementation converts a mesh into a mesh made up of all 3-, 4-, and 5- point polygons of a uniform size. To determine this polygon size, it looks at the number of polygons you request in the output, and divides the surface of the area by that number. As a result, the target polygon number, either as a number or a percent, is only approximate. An option to apply a subdivision to the mesh to produce pure quads is also available.
The retopology algorithm can detect sharp edges in the input mesh and preserve them by looking for faces that meet at an angle greater than the crease angle you specify. Although the process is automatic, you can guide the results using standard Modo mesh attributes, like the RetopoDensity weight map, or the RetopoEdgeLock and RetopoFlow edge selection sets.
The Detriangulate tool removes diagonal edges. It allows you to control flatness thresholds and to specify one or mores edges to act as guides for where the quads are.
Retopo Guides
This tool allows you to sketch curves (polylines) on a surface that are set up as either position or edge flow guides for automatic retopology. The curves are tagged with the special selection set name that the autoretopo command looks for, and they have a vertex normal map with normals taken from the surface. These are both necessary elements for autoretopo.
You can activate the tool by clicking on the Retopo Guides button in the Topology layout under the Tools sub-tab.
Automatic Component Selection
In Auto Select mode, Modo automatically switches between Vertex, Edge, and Polygon selection mode, depending on what type of component you click on.
Enable/Disable Camera Images
You can now enable and disable foreground and background images in the Camera item's properties.
Fading Grid
The grid now fades out around the corners, providing a sense of depth and distance. Red and blue color highlights for the X and Y center axis can also be enabled to help keep your orientation.
Item Mode Wireframe and Selection Drawing
Selected items now always draw their wireframe, even if wireframe display is disabled. Optionally, the item selection can be drawn with a solid fill instead.
Item Work Planes
To make aligning the Work Plane to items easier, you can now right-click on an item in the 3D viewport and align the Work Plane to that item.
Morphed Mesh Drawing
Morph maps can be drawn as a cage, with various drawing styles, with vectors drawn as line segments from the base mesh to the morph mesh, and with color and opacity settings for the morph cage.
Primitive Tool Handle
Additional controls have been added for the interactive tools. The tool handles can now either adjust around a locked central location, or lock the opposite side to the grabbed handle, making them easier to use.
Proficiency Switching in Forms
Panels that contain controls with different proficiency levels now show Less and More buttons at the bottom of the view, allowing you to display fewer or more controls.
Vertex Drawing Options
Vertices are now automatically visible in Vertex mode, but not otherwise. They can still be explicitly enabled in other component modes.
Work Plane Align to Screen
An option to align the work Plane to the Perspective view has been added to make certain modeling tasks easier, such as drawing curves using Sketch.
Work Plane Bookmarks
Work Plane bookmarks can now be assigned to polygons and re-used later on. This is useful to store construction planes in the geometry itself. Work Plane Bookmarks work in a way that is very similar to selection sets. Different bookmarks can be saved for each of your scenes.
Work Plane Visibility Options
New viewport visibility options have been added to provide more control over the main grid and the Work Plane.
Copy Transforms
The item.copyTransforms command has been added, which copies transforms from one item to another. Unlike the item.align command, this new command copies all animation and rigging as well.
Maximum Environment Resolution
A new preference for environment resolution has been added to the Display Preferences. Reducing the resolution increases performance when editing the environment.
Numeric Control Color Correction
Numeric control color correction applies color correction to the numeric values displayed in color fields. For example, this allows you to copy and paste the hex code for a color from Photoshop into Modo and have the colors match. Previously, Modo supported color correction for the drawn representation of a color in the UI but the numeric values were always drawn in linear space.
Particle ID Channel
Locator items now have a Particle ID channel that can be used to drive the Particle ID assigned to rendered surfaces. You can set this value manually or drive it by a rig and then feed it to Shaders. This is mostly useful for Gradients and Texture Switch.
Simulation Modifiers
Simulation Modifiers provide ways to control animated behaviors based on set triggers.
String Encode Modifier
This is a simple channel modifier for turning a numerical value into a text string with optional decimal precision and leading zeroes.

Улучшения и исправленные баги:

Feature Enhancements
• UI: There was no keyboard shortcut to quickly open popovers and to match snapping and symmetry.
• BUG ID 14167 - Paint layout:  You can now undo your settings for Image Set Resolution.
• BUG ID 26856 - Render layout: A Rounded Edge Width has been added as a texture effect in the Shader Tree.
• BUG ID 31383 - Render layout: A Rounded Edge Angle channel has been added to the advanced Material item to control which edges should have the rounding effect applied (expressed as the minimum angle between the surface normals of the adjoining polygons). The default value of 40 degrees matches the default Smoothing Angle.
• BUG ID 31747 - Online Help: The documentation has been updated for Environment Presets, highlighting the fact that full lighting setups can be stored.
• BUG ID 32703 - Item List: Item filter selection by color has been added.
• BUG ID 47652 - Volumes: The VDBVoxel item has been added to the schematic's Add > Volumes menu.
• BUG ID 50877 - Procedurals: The ability to apply Curve Fill to pave in axis other than the Z axis has been added.
• BUG ID 51256 - Procedurals: To improve performance, Mesh Ops are no longer evaluated in the Setup layout and in Setup mode.
• BUG ID 51262 - GL: Color has been improved in the viewports.
• BUG ID 52354 - File Output FBX: Added functionality for exporting replicators with multiple prototypes.
• BUG ID 52422 - Item List: Item List > Filter Items > By Color dropdown options now matches the options in the Item List right-click context menu.
• BUG ID 52463 - Model layout: The command select.all has been added to modo_cl.
• BUG ID 52452 - UI: The VDBVoxel option has been added to the Schematic Preset Browser.
• BUG ID 52455 - Procedurals: The Enable option has been added to the Curve Rebuild operation Properties.
• BUG ID 52491 - UI: The Mesh Operations list is now consistent between layouts.
• BUG ID 52650 - Shader Tree: The Assign Material command has been updated to display a material type dropdown menu when a pre-existing material group is selected.
• BUG ID 52651 - Shader Tree: Selecting an existing Unity or Unreal material in the Assign Material dropdown menu now updates the properties in the dialog.
• BUG ID 53058 - Particles: Spring and Viscosity properties have been added for Dynamic Fluid.
• BUG ID 53073 - Shader Tree: Normal Map Blend mode has been added to stack normal maps correctly.
• BUG ID 53117 - Performance: In the Advanced viewport, the minimum GPU RAM specification has been increased from 512 MB to 1 GB.
• BUG ID 53432 - UI: Tooltips has been added to Preview.-Bug Fixes
• Deformers: Selection drawing wasn't disabled when scrubbing or playing animations.
• File Output: The Unreal export didn't work as expected.
• There was no progress confirmation when re-exporting or overwriting unchanged image files.
• The image map names were missing for warning/handling of non-alphanumeric characters.
• The file names were missing for warning/handling of non-alphanumeric characters.
• File names for images used in the clip view were not captured.
• Export Substance textures was not supported.
• File Output (Game Export): The latest version of the Unreal Modo Material Importer was not supported.
• File Output: UV Distortion Maps were not filtered out from .fbx files when exported.
• Network Rendering: Rendering with Use Network Nodes Only enabled caused Modo to crash.
• Preview: There were no notification if all buckets had been processed at least once in Preview Animation.
• Render: Occlusion-based edge rounding was skipped entirely for indirect rays.
• Render: Render performance was slow generating scenes using indirect rays.
• BUG ID 29134 - Shader Tree: Duplicating a nested layer mask created a nested layer mask in the group mask.
• BUG ID 30312 - Model layout:  With Symmetry on, axis transform handles were drawn in the wrong transformation. For example, the Y axis moved in the X direction and the X axis moved in the Z direction.
• BUG ID 30417 - Render layout: Moving points on a curve broke continuous implicit UV textures.
• BUG ID 36363 - Shader Tree: Duplicating or copying an instance in the Shader Tree set its effect incorrectly.
• BUG ID 36881 - Presets: Selecting a material mask, then double-clicking to add presets, loaded them incorrectly.
• BUG ID 37318 - Model layout: Undoing the workPlane.fitGeometry and workPlane.fitSelect commands did not work correctly.
• BUG ID 38613 - Sculpt layout: Image-based sculpting sometimes broke meshes along polygon borders.
• BUG ID 40167 - Animation layout: Pivot snapping did not work in Skeleton Edit mode.
• BUG ID 41021 - Render layout: Using the Shadow Density render output resulted in high render times.
• BUG ID 41326 - Deformers: Wrap Deformer did not respond to deformations on the wrap mesh.
• BUG ID 41743 - File Output: When exporting Alembic format data files, unit distances were not
• BUG ID 42163 - Shader Tree: Blending between two masks (material presets), and altering the properties of the topmost mask, did not blend results correctly.
• BUG ID 42391 - Dynamics: Closed polylines were simulated as if opened.
• BUG ID 43736 - File Input: Importing Alembic format data files changed the scene to 24 fps.
• BUG ID 44616 - File Output: When using Export Selected Layers, Modo crashed exporting layers to separate files.
• BUG ID 44732 - Preview: Autofocus (Ctrl/Cmd+F) did not work in full-resolution mode.
• BUG ID 45172 - GL: Performance - Zooming in and out, with the mouse in a dense scene, sometimes caused a lag.
• BUG ID 45847 - Volumes: VDBVoxel motion blur didn't orient properly.
• BUG ID 46732 - File Input: Vertex maps without a name could not be selected.
• BUG ID 46781 - UI: Dragging the render camera label sometimes caused Modo to crash.
• BUG ID 47134 - Network Rendering: If the last frame was rendered on a slave system, the Render window didn't show it.
• BUG ID 47230 - File Output: Export of Alembic format data files failed due to a custom channel called inherit.
• BUG ID 47636 - File Output: Export of Alembic format data files failed to include User channels.
• BUG ID 47909 - UI: Editing the Work Plane made it visible, even when its visibility was disabled.
• BUG ID 47916 - File Output: Export of Alembic format data files failed if the scene FPS was not set.
• BUG ID 48187- Dynamics: Compound Rigid Body Glue did not work.
• BUG ID 48495 - File Output: Exporting unsupported face types in Alembic format data files caused Modo to crash.
• BUG ID 48630 - UI: The command query button worked as a toggle in most forms but not in Pie menus.
• BUG ID 48669 - UI Linux only: Meshfusion object set to Airtight Final crashed Modo when Dup & Convert to Mesh was applied.
• BUG ID 48724 - Preview: A maximized Preview failed to update keyed color changes when switching frames.
• BUG ID 48793 - Animation layout: Animation Baking did not work with Dynamic Parenting.
• BUG ID 48952 - Performance: Working on FBX scenes or objects which were imported with high values for scaling causes extreme GUI lags.
• BUG ID 49304 - UI Linux only: Selecting None for the camera's background image caused Modo to crash.
• BUG ID 49440 - UI Mac: Target filenames were not displayed in the missing file dialog.
• BUG ID 49810 - GL: In the Advanced viewport, a negative scale of an object displayed as flipped polygons.
• BUG ID 49857 - Deformers: Lattice deformation smoothing was incorrect.
• BUG ID 50208 - Shader Tree: Using a procedural material as a Layer Mask rendered incorrectly until disabling and re-enabling the layer above it.
• BUG ID 50412 - Schematic: Assembly values were not saved and reloaded with specific scenes.
• BUG ID 50459 - UI Linux: Popover windows did not display when activated.
• BUG ID 50601 - File Input: Importing .obj files with the material Diffuse set to 0%, produced black textures.
• BUG ID 50623 - Volumes: Preview didn't respond to feature parameter changes made to VDBVoxel items.
• BUG ID 50629 - GL: Changing the Preference > Color Management > Change Default View Colorspace setting with the Advanced viewport active caused Modo to crash.
• BUG ID 50634 - Preview: Editing the material of an invisible item made it visible.
• BUG ID 50657 - Procedurals: Translating procedural meshes was slow.
• BUG ID 50684 - Deformers: The Lattice deformer did not work correctly in some cases.
• BUG ID 50789 - GL: In the Advanced viewport, Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO) caused a memory leak.
• BUG ID 50802 - Volumes: Blobs didn't render in Preview with a Particle Source and Orthographic Camera.
• BUG ID 51015 - UI: Shift + right-clicking 3D Selection Add did not work, but Alt + right-clicking did, when in Maya navigation remapping.
• BUG ID 51021 - Model layout: The Text tool's Font menu only displayed the first member of font families.
• BUG ID 51174 - GL: When started in Play mode, there was no indication that Play mode was active.
• BUG ID 51292 - Model layout: Using the Bevel or Inset tool caused shading issues for all polygons that had holding edges for holes.
• BUG ID 51298 - File Input: Modo either crashed or displayed the error message Scene load unsuccessful when importing a specific Alembic format data file.
• BUG ID 51332 - Model layout: Make Curve Fill didn't work as expected.
• BUG ID 51397 - Render layout: Round Edge Shader didn't work in certain situations.
• BUG ID 51401 - Render layout: Loading a .png file into the Render Window did not work as expected.
• BUG ID 51424 - Fusion: Alt+N and Alt+M produced errors when a non-Fusion item was selected.
• BUG ID 51443 - GL: The Environment Map was flipped in Advanced viewport orthographic views.
• BUG ID 51450 - Model layout: The MeshFusion trim tool produced unexpected results and displayed jagged edges where the mesh quads were cut off.
• BUG ID 51452 - Model layout: The MeshFusion trim tool displayed jagged edges.
• BUG ID 51513 - Animation layout: The Camera Matching Line length control wasn't accurate and did not match the geometry to an image.
• BUG ID 51529 - GL: Environment reflection did not work correctly in orthogonal viewports.
• BUG ID 51554 - GL: The Advanced viewport roughness did not match Modo's render with Imagebased lighting (IBL).
• BUG ID 51686 - Model layout: Drawing a curve in the base mesh in the procedural with Merge Meshes and Polygon Reduce operations caused Modo to crash.
• BUG ID 51695 - Render layout: Baking a UDIM bake item with save output for .png formats created corrupted saved images.
• BUG ID 51772 - GL: The Default and Orthographic views of the Model layout displayed artifacts.
• BUG ID 51809 - Schematic: Closing a scene after using select.link with no arguments caused Modo to crash.
• BUG ID 51865 - Model layout: Procedural tool handles sometimes severely affected viewport performance.
• BUG ID 51957 - GL: Using a GL background with Gradient set in an Orthographic view looked incorrect.
• BUG ID 52068 - Dynamics: Mesh Shatter source mode created shards incorrectly.
• BUG ID 52081 - Particles: Particle Modifiers using a mesh as an input Point Source changed the particle color to black.
• BUG ID 52240 - Render layout: Texture Replicators did not work correctly on vertical surfaces.
• BUG ID 52246 - Model layout: The Polygon Extrude mesh operation only worked when the axis was set to none.
• BUG ID 52247 - Shader Tree: The Particle ID list displayed Material IDs.
• BUG ID 52249 - File Input: Using the Image tab Add button to make a new image group failed.
• BUG ID 52258 - Sculpting layout: Cutting and pasting part of a multi-resolution sculpt mesh removed sculpting on the part of the mesh that was not cut.
• BUG ID 52290 - UI: Environment images didn't appear in the Images tab when loading scenes with those clips parented.
• BUG ID 52297 - Scripting: The NEXUS_SCRIPTS environment variable did not change the location for implicit scripts run with @.
• BUG ID 52320 - Preview: Volume items did not display the alpha output in Preview.
• BUG ID 52321 - Sculpting layout: Unsupported falloff input options remained in the Sculpt Modifiers menu.
• BUG ID 52325 - Model layout: Copying and pasting a closed curve caused the pasted curve item to have a sharp start/end point.
• BUG ID 52334 - Mesh Types: Using the poly.convert command on curves produced unexpected results.
• BUG ID 52364 - Model layout: The Extrude and Bevel mesh operations sometimes caused Modo to become unresponsive when used on a frozen Text item.
• BUG ID 52381 - Preview did not updated correctly when visibility changed on an Item Shader.
• BUG ID 52389 - Preview: Deleting a Cel Edges material while Preview was running caused Modo to crash.
• BUG ID 52399 - Model layout: After having a Freeze mesh operation in the stack, any change to the Subdivision Level of the base mesh didn't update until you disabled and re-enabled the Freeze mesh operation.
• BUG ID 52403 - Shader Tree: Deleting a Shader mask caused Modo to crash or become unresponsive.
• BUG ID 52407 - Preview: Changing the convergence slider relaunched Preview.
• BUG ID 52411 - Model layout: The Radial Array Merge Vertices option only merged vertices with the source geometry.
• BUG ID 52415 - Render layout: Bump maps couldn't be baked from a mesh.
• BUG ID 52423 - Model layout: Freezing subdivisions to quads with the Freeze mesh operation did not update when changing subdivision level on the mesh.
• BUG ID 52442 - Model layout: The Tube tool sometimes crashed if you tried to select a non-existent preset by using a script or command.
• BUG ID 52445 - Procedurals: A scene containing a hidden procedural mesh took a long time to open.
• BUG ID 52470 - Model layout: Modo became unresponsive when adding a Polygon Bevel Mesh Operation to a specific item.
• BUG ID 52480 - GL: After disabling GL visibility performance checkboxes with the Advanced viewport active Modo crashed.
• BUG ID 52484 - Preview: When changing the Render Curve Start value while running Preview Modo crashed.
• BUG ID 52487 - Deformers: The Add Item buttons in the Mesh Operations list and in the Item List displayed the same name.
• BUG ID 52488 - Deformers: The Add Item list in the Mesh Operations list and in the Schematic viewport displayed as Procedural in the menu.
• BUG ID 52490 - UI: Some deformers had no buttons in the Setup layout toolbar.
• BUG ID 52498 - Animation: A customer project was performing significantly slower in Modo 10.1 than in Modo 10.0.
• BUG ID 52500 - UI: No Apply button was displayed in the Edge Slide tool properties.
• BUG ID 52503 - Scripting: Using a command alias for mesh cleanup caused Modo to crash.
• BUG ID 52515 - Model layout: Running the Mesh Cleanup or Merge Vertices commands on specific meshes caused Modo to crash.
• BUG ID 52528 - Render layout: When rendering a specific scene after deleting the B-spline Weight Map Modo crashed.
• BUG ID 52539 - Model layout: Deleting a Weight Map with transparent materials caused Modo to crash.
• BUG ID 52553 - Render layout: When using standard scene lights with negative intensity values, a clipped patch of black was displayed.
• BUG ID 52556 - UI: Some area light flags were disabled but were still needed if the falloff type was changed.
• BUG ID 52563 - Shader Tree: Two Texture Locators were created when Final Color output was defined using the Bake Wizard.
• BUG ID 52567 - Deformers: The Deformer List showed graphs ordered in the opposite order to the Schematic.
• BUG ID 52582 - Render: The Render Output Bake item didn't save to an output directory driven by a String Constant node.
• BUG ID 52583 - Render layout: Render failures occurred using Bake items.
• BUG ID 52584 - Preview: Adjusting Occlusion Texture cache settings with Preview running caused Modo to crash.
• BUG ID 52585 - Model layout: Copying procedural items from one scene to another didn't work.
• BUG ID 52586 - Model layout: The Procedural Lattice Effector crashed when scaling lattice points.
• BUG ID 52599 - Deformers: Polygon rollover highlighting was incorrect for deformed meshes.
• BUG ID 52610 - UI: Texture falloff XYZ was only visible when the Locator was selected.
• BUG ID 52621 - Scripting: Trying to remove an item when the value was set to None (scene.removeItems(None)) caused Modo to crash.
• BUG ID 52633 - Shader Tree: Texture Replicators did not align to particles.
• BUG ID 52644 - Volumes: Navigating Preview with VDBVoxel items was much slower in Modo 10.1v2.
• BUG ID 52645 - Model layout: The Right-click Lasso selected more than expected.
• BUG ID 52656 - Model layout:  UV data was lost when freezing a procedural item.
• BUG ID 52660 - Model layout: modo_cl crashed when running the poly.freeze command on curves with Tessellation set to false.
• BUG ID 52665 - Model layout: New materials were not created when copying and pasting polygons into a new scene.
• BUG ID 52668 - Preview: Right-clicking in Preview showed item masks multiple times.
• BUG ID 52688 - UI: Profile names in the Preset Browser displayed the file path instead of the name.
• BUG ID 52701 - Animation: The Command Region command entry field displayed the command name, not the command.
• BUG ID 52709 - File Input: Loading a scene with a corrupt .png image caused Modo to crash.
• BUG ID 52748 - Particles: When using a UV Constraint in a Particle Simulation Modo crashed.
• BUG ID 52786 - Item List: Mesh item visibility couldn't be enabled in Element mode.
• BUG ID 52793 - Paint layout: Flipping image inks created repeats, even if Repeat was disabled.
• BUG ID 52814 - GL: Polygon selection only worked on selected items.
• BUG ID 52826 - Procedurals: Selecting the base mesh and adding an operator placed it in the wrong location in the stack, instead of immediately above the base mesh.
• BUG ID 52830 - Model: Right-clicking on selected edges after beveling caused Modo to crash.
• BUG ID 52857 - Shader: Tree UV mapping was not working correctly with the Texture Switch node.
• BUG ID 52858 - Shader Tree: Modo allowed Particle IDs to be 1.0 (previously, any ID >= 1 was set to 0) for the Texture Switch node. It added the username for the Particle ID channel.
• BUG ID 52860 - Content: Closing a scene with a SLIK2 Studio preset in it caused Modo to crash.
• BUG ID 52889 - UV: Using Bevel with Inset and Make UVs Connected broke the UVs.
• BUG ID 52893 - UV: Copying and pasting from the UV lists tab sometimes broke UVs.
• BUG ID 52899 - Procedurals: New mesh operations were always added to the top of the Mesh Operations list.
• BUG ID 52940 - Deformers: Lattice points set up with Item Influence crashed when used as a Replicator prototype.
• BUG ID 52969 - Deformers: Tools were not respecting the Enable Deformers option setting in the viewport.
• BUG ID 53131 - Procedurals: The Path Generator tool operation flipped polygons.
• BUG ID 53134 - Shader Tree: Dragging and dropping an item into a new scene reordered all associated shaders.
• BUG ID 53137 - Preview: Replicators could not be deselected.
• BUG ID 53172 - File Import: Loading an .fbx file with a user-defined channel name caused Modo to crash.
• BUG ID 53194 - Network Rendering: Image processing was not possible and dummy thumbnail images were generated for offloaded (slave-only) renders after the 10th render.
• BUG ID 53207 - File Output: Saving Substance images sometimes caused Modo to crash.
• BUG ID 53219 - Schematic: When dragging materials from one file to the other, all schematic links were lost.
• BUG ID 53229 - UI: The Time Offset Type channel had a dropdown menu with incorrect entries.
• BUG ID 53248 - File Output: Alembic format data files crashed or hung when exporting a procedural mesh with a Bevel mesh operation.
• BUG ID 53457 - UV: Selecting the next loop on a UV map caused Modo to crash.

Содержимое доп контента:

Сборки, Кисти, Краски, Окружение, Изображения, Шейдеры, Материалы, Сетки объектов, Профили, Инструменты
Анимация и такелаж, Архитектура, Персонажи, Динамика, Меха и шерсть, Разработка игр, Сложные объекты,
Частицы, Пресеты, Рендер, Лепка, Текстурирование и затенения, Объемные структуры, Виртуальная реальность

Процедура лечения:

Если лечили прошлые версии, то программа у вас будет сразу активирована
В противном случае потребуется выполнить манипуляции, описанные ниже:

1 RLM - лечит сразу все продукты разработчика

1. Установите программу Foundry
2. Установите FLT7 сервер (если уже установлен,настроен и исправно работает, то переходите к 9 пункту)
3. Остановите Foundry License Server в службах или в утилите Foundry License Utility (RLM Server -> Stop Server)
4. Копируем файл rlm.foundry.exe в папку "C:\Program Files (x86)\The Foundry\LicensingTools7.0\bin\RLM\rlm.foundry.exe")
5. Отредактируйте xf_foundry.lic заменив HOST_NAME, MAC_ADDRESS и PORT значениями любым из следующих способов:
- утилита rlmutil.exe с параметром rlmhostid ("C:\Program Files (x86)\The Foundry\LicensingTools7.0\bin\RLM")
- через CMD команда ipconfig/all (поля - имя компьютера и физический адрес (записывать без дефисов))
- запустить от админа Foundry License Utility меню Diagnostics -> Run Diagnostics (поля hostname и System ID)
- значение PORT задать по умолчанию 4101 (5053, хотя можно и ничего не писать)
Пример: HOST win-5o9oa5csm8s 001bdc060b7a 4101
6. Переместите отредактированный файл xf_foundry.lic в папку "C:\ProgramData\The Foundry\RLM"
7. Запустите RLM Server в службах или в утилите Foundry License Utility (RLM Server -> Start Server)
8. Проверьте в Foundry License Utility меню Diagnostics -> Run Diagnostics наличие лицензий (чтобы не было красных строк)
9. Запустите ваш продукт Foundry и пользуйтесь в свое удовольствие!

2 Keygen - лечит только программу Modo

1. Установить программу (контент опционально)
2. Если установлен RLM сервер от прочих творений фирмы, то остановите его в службах, чтобы не мешался
3. Запустить кейген и создать файл лицензии (или используйте комплектный)
4. Запустить программу и выбрать установку лицензии
5. Открыть пункт install to disk и выбрать наш файлик лицензии
6. Если останавливали службу RLM сервера, то можно его вновь запустить
7. Перезапустить программу (чтобы записались данные регистрации)
8. Теперь, если всё сделали правильно, в свойствах о программе должно светиться имя заданное в кейгене


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